Medical Chiropractic Supplies: Selection, Quality and Value

Quality equipment is important for safe and effective chiropractic treatment. Major medical stores  carries an extensive line of chiropractic equipment and supplies. With more than 10,000 products in their inventory, they are a principal online resource for today’s chiropractors and healthcare practitioners.

Specialized Medical stores offer the greatest variety of chiropractic tables in the industry. Additionally, they are the world’s largest distributor of reconditioned tables. They also supply products in every imaginable category related to chiropractic and holistic healthcare: acupuncture, analgesics, anatomical charts, diagnostics, electrotherapy, massage therapy, nutritional supplements, orthopedics, rehabilitation, support pillows, traction devices, treatment supplies, x-ray equipment and more.

Specialized Medical company has a reputation for superior customer service, and the team treats their customers like family. Their webstore features valuable search options, price comparisons, vendor information, easy order and tracking functions, product demonstration videos, educational resources, a company blog and other helpful tools.

The ScripHessco inventory includes quality brands at the lowest possible prices. The company offers flexible financing options on purchases and leases. With ten national and regional offices, local sales representatives are happy to meet with chiropractors and other customers to discuss the company’s equipment and supplies.

ScripHesso customers enjoy additional value through special discounts and promotions. The webstore advertises a “Deal of the Month” and promotes a number of featured products. Customers share their opinions through reviews, testimonials and a five-star rating system. Here are items that are currently popular among customers.

Analgesic Products
Medical Store sells a variety of topical analgesics from companies like Biofreeze, Cryoderm, Flex-All, Prossage and Sombra. Many of these pain relieving products are formulated with proprietary herbal and botanical blends. They offer temporary pain relief for a variety of conditions: arthritis, backaches, bruises, muscle soreness, sprains, strains and other injuries. Medical Store offers topical analgesics in cream, gel, lotion, roll-on and spray forms — by the jar, gallon and everything in between.
Electrotherapy Products
Electrotherapy is a safe and effective way to treat certain types of pain. Major Medical Store offers all the devices and accessories necessary for electronic therapy treatments. Reusable electrodes and TENS units are the most common electrotherapy purchases. The company also sells conductivity gels, lead wires and adapters, ultrasound units, ionto devices and other electrotherapy equipment and supplies.

Nutritional Supplements
Chiropractic treatment often includes special diets and nutritional supplements. The three work together to promote general health and wellbeing. Medical Store offers a broad range of nutritional supplements so doctors can find the right formulas for their chiropractic patients. A number of popular brands are featured, including Chiro-Klenz, Chiropractor’s Blend, Creative Bioscience, Emergen-C and Life Priority.
nutrition supplements
Pillows and Cushions
Support pillows are important for restful sleep and overall health. Medical Store offers a full line of support pillows and cushions to suit any chiropractic patient. The company stocks air pocket pillows, fiberfill pillows, memory foam pillows, waterbase pillows, hot and cold therapy pillows and various other wedges, rolls and support cushions. Customers can find products from BioPosture, Chiroflow, Core Products, Therapeutica and other brands.

Treatment Supplies
The medical webstore has all the treatment supplies necessary for a clean, healthy, smooth-running clinic. Headrest paper and disposable covers are among the most-requested treatment supplies. However, the company also stocks important items like chiropractic adjusting tools, patient gowns, gloves, disinfectants, hand cleansers, bandages and tapes, sinus irrigation products and various clinical supplies.

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