Possible Side Effects and Risks of Oestrogen Therapy

Recent scientific research has shown that the levels of oestrogen in a woman’s body have varied effects on the woman. High levels of oestrogen in the woman’s body does increase the risk of reproductive related illnesses, this also can lead to other forms of illnesses. In this regard there is increased advocacy by the scientific research community to sensitize women to watch their levels of oestrogen so as to safe guard from these variations which may lead to unnecessary sicknesses.

There is increased level and vigor of this kind of advocacy this is inline with the increased need to protect future of the human species, this is so as to ensure there are no reproductive related illnesses that may jeopardize the lives of the world by increasing the number or rate at which many women lose their fertility through the fluctuation of the levels of this hormone. The scientific study has ascertained that there are ways in which a woman can use to check their oestrogen levels ; one of the ways is by watching what one eats or consumes.

Prevention Measures
This can only be done through dedication and carefully watching ones own diet, in this case you choose what to consume and what not to; this can be aided by one visiting medical specialist who can elaborate for the person the types of food stuffs that one should avoid; that is foods that have been found to have gross effect on the oestrogen levels, these foods should be minimized in ones diet so as to keep the levels of this hormone lows or on the acceptable level.
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Statistics of Estrogen
This is surely the best way of keeping oneself medically fit and more so free of complications. This is in consideration of the fact that various regions in the world for instance in America, Europe, Asia or Africa the inhabitants have varied diets the types of food stuffs consumed is different in each cases though there maybe some slight similarities in the diets it is advisable to check in with a doctors for further direction on what to avoid eating. This kind of preventive measure has greatly been necessitated by the increased specialization and openness in data sharing of scientists and also the governments committing themselves towards basic health care of their citizens.

The Government Intervention
This has increased investment in health care services. It is however, it is however every important to note that however hard or even the amount of resources the government uses, it is still the greater responsibility of the female to ensure the advices given are followed to the latter, this will ensure `that even the investments of the government does demonstrate a worthwhile venture. It is hence of great for importance for the world’s scientific community to keep up with the noble cause. Let us look at the effects of high levels of oestrogen, if it is not properly eliminated by liver the excesses build up and may over stimulate oestrogen causing cell growth, this can lead to fibroids, cancer, heavy bleeding and more complications.

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Possible Side Effects and Risks of Oestrogen Therapy
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