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Receiving treatment for diabetes is vital to maintain one’s health. A diabetic who requires regular insulin shots must have access to a steady supply of clean needles in order to avoid a progression in their disease. Insulin needles are available with a prescription in all fifty states, but some states also allow them to be purchased without prescription. In the case where prescription is required, the diabetic may have to wait in a long line at the pharmacists in order to receive their life saving paraphernalia. Luckily, there is a better way to procure diabetic supplies.

Patients can order diabetes supplies from These supplies allow diabetics to keep a constant stock of clean, sterile syringes without ever having to wait in long pharmacy lines again.

Allegro Medical Supplies sells insulin syringes, sharps disposal units, skin care items for injection sites, and special socks and footwear designed to aid circulation in diabetics. For a lifelong sufferer of diabetes, all of these items are likely to come in handy.

For example, diabetic socks are designed to provide a firm grip on the calf and foot. This compresses the tissue around the bone, but not in an uncomfortable manner. By increasing the pressure in the foreleg, blood flow is promoted. This prevents pooling of blood in the lower extremities, which can lead to serious complications for those suffering from diabetes.
Diabetic Socks
Diabetic shoes are designed to assist those with diabetes with walking. Since poor circulation in the feet can lead to sores, walking can become difficult for a diabetic. The diabetic shoes at Allegro Medical Supplies are medically engineered to provide comfort for those suffering from diabetes. This encourages the patient to get up and move around, which can help prevent the progression of diabetes.

In addition to these diabetic supplies, Allegro Medical Supplies also offers a wide range of syringes and associated paraphernalia. A diabetic must inject themselves multiple times a day, which requires precision and concentration. A poor syringe can make a diabetic’s daily routine burdensome. By trying out a variety of brands of syringes, a diabetic can select the best syringe that suits their needs. There are quite a few varieties, each of which has subtle advantages and disadvantages that a diabetic can compare.

Other injection supplies include topical treatments and sharps disposal containers. Topical treatments are used either to sterilize an area prior to injection, or to promote healing post injection. Sharps disposal containers are meant to hold used needles in a safe manner. Since a used needle contains biological fluids from the diabetic, it poses a health risk to anyone coming in contact with it. By placing their used needles in a sharps container, a diabetic can ensure that no one accidentally stabs themselves with a used needle. Once full, these containers must be mailed to needle disposal facilities. The sharps containers sold at Allegro Medical Supplies include the cost of mailing and destroying needles in the final price. All a diabetic must do to dispose of a container is place it in its prepaid mailing box and deliver it to the United States Post Office. This is the most responsible way of disposing of used needles.

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