Essential Foot Reflexology For Health Care

FOOT-MASSAGEMassage is a process of manipulation of soft tissue with physical, functional and even psychological aims done for total health care. It is known that the term massage has come from the word Massa, which is an Arabic word meaning handle, feel and touch.

Massaging will be helpful for the overall health care of the body. Massage is being done with the help of some devices or with the help of giving hand pressure. Massaging is done to different parts of the body and foot massaging is very much essential to make the whole body to rejuvenate and it also helps in effective health care.

When we do foot massaging, it will improve the blood circulation to overall body since all the nerves end at the foot and this will make us more active and relaxed.

Most of us feel an aching on the feet during night since we spend the whole day running around and working with our heels slippers and these pains can be well relived with the help of foot massaging. All that is needed for foot massaging is some time and some interest for doing it.

You can get the help of professionals for foot massaging. Foot massaging is also done in beauty parlors as is done for the other parts of the body. But, the disadvantage of going to spa for foot massaging is that you will have to leave the parlor immediately after the completion of massaging and you cannot relax there. But, when you do it in your home you can relax yourself. So, it is better to do foot massaging at your own comfort at your home, so that you will be able to relax after massaging.


Start the process of massaging with interest. You can light a few candles, play your favorite music on CD and can pour a beverage for yourself. Make yourself comfortable before beginning the massaging, you can enjoy your foot massaging along with your favorite music or television shows and finds your favorite place in your home, so that you will be able to relax yourself.

Start the foot massaging process by dipping your feet in a tub containing warm water. You can add some aroma oil or bubble bath in the tub of water to get a soothing aroma and relaxation as well. After dipping for some time, completely dry your feet with some soft towel and apply some oil or foot cream or lotion to the foot.

You can start massaging from any part of your foot and it is better to cover the whole part of the foot from toe to ankle. Use some quality creams for massaging and be generous in using the creams since it will make massaging easier.

Give sufficient pressure while massaging the foot so that the foot gets relaxed. But, see that it does not cause discomfort to your foot. Foot care will go a long way in overall health care. So take effective care of your foot and improve your overall health.

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Essential Foot Reflexology For Health Care
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